« eastward bound » the book…

84 illustrated pages, trip map and introduction in English and Russian.
Printed in 50 copies and handbound in Lausanne.

*** EXHIBITION "eastward bound" ***

Travelling probably never was as easy as it is nowadays. Journeys, however, often are simply transfers between two spots on the planet, with no relation to the places in between.

Eastward bound illustrates a trip which chooses to linger on the way.
A long stroll eastward, where the route travelled becomes as important as the destination - if not more – because of all the changes in the environment which unfold along the way

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End of the Europe - Central Asia journey:

5 months,
from deep winter to burning summer.

from the Alps to the Western Pamirs.

15cm thick heap of sketches,
back in Europe, hope you liked the trip!

Tadjikistan - Farewell party

Hospitality towards the traveler is a must in Central Asia. Loud music, tasty food and plentiful vodka.
One more night to remember...

Tadjikistan - Local outfit

Tadjikistan - Border crossing

North West Tadjikistan and Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan look very much the same. Still, the border is closed to most people.
The Oxus river - Amu Darya - steadily flows through the region, linking the mountains to the Aral Sea.

Uzbekistan - Street maze

Uzbekistan - From the Aivan

Cut off from the busy streets, mosques often have an Aivan, lofty and peaceful “outdoor room” looking out to the Hauz (pool) or the orchard.

Uzbekistan - Random panorama

Uzbekistan - A breath of cool air

Taking a break from the hot days in the valley, 200km south of Samarkand : shepherds’ paradise in the mountains.

Uzbekistan - Moustache