Uzbekistan - Street business

Little is needed to do business. Just walk over, look around and start bargaining...

Uzbekistan - Khiva streets

Maze of earth, cool shade and swallows flying about.

Uzbekistan - Central Asian Ladies…

Uzbekistan - Aral Sand, no comment

Uzbekistan - Karakalpak sand casttles

Ruins of castles and strongholds dating back to 400 BC.
40 degrees and little shade, don't forget your bottle of water!

Uzbekistan - Wood and tiles

Uzbekistan - Wood and soil

Kazakstan - The moon and the womb

Far from the inhabitated steppes and closer to the old Silk Road, Southern Kazakstan is rich with historical and religious artefacts. Timurid architecture and Uzbekistan are not far...

Kazakstan - Menu du jour

Put two chops of meat and fat on the stick,
that is the secret for tasty shashlik...

Kazakstan - Portraiting

Kazakstan - Steppe and mountains

Travelling with my brother, from the dry and sunburnt plains to the hilly green pastures at the foot of snow tipped Tian Shan moutains.

Kazakstan - Russian park

As they settled far from home the Russians must have missed their forests : they planted considerable numbers of trees in parks and along avenues in Almaty, thus offering generous green areas.

Kazakstan – Sitting in the grass

Russia – Pick your flavor