Ukraine - Croix de bois, croix de fer...

... and other highlights

More churches, a touch of vernacular, some Soviet time remnants, and a "nature morte" lesson at a friend's painting course in Kharkov!

Ukraine - Odessa to Kharkov and Kharkov to Kiev

At night, trains in Ukraine are like confortable rolling dormitories.
During the day, wait for tea and play cards with your neighbour...

Romania - Waiting for spring

There is nothing like a good bench in a nice park on a sunny sunday morning...

Romania - Out of the window

Romania - Going down the Danube & facing the Black Sea!

The ferry takes its time, but given the snow and wind outside you might as well enjoy the view from your seat!

Romania - Halt in Sibiu

One day stop in Sibiu on the trip Vienna - Bucarest.
Needed a break in the middle of the rather messed up train timetables...


Until now this blog has been updated on a monthly base with a selection of pictures from different places and environments assembled under common themes.

In the coming months it will be illustrating a trip leading from Central Europe to Central Asia, with a regularity that will depend on my productivity and motivation…

Bon voyage!

Austria - The road goes East